Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

  Peter Norton, from Norton Utilities fame did an “Ulrich” and sold some of his art collection. The sculpture above fetched 2.7 million. The Economist does a round about article introducing Murakami, but then gets into other artists including Makoto Aida (that’s myself and Aida in a Tokyo Subway) His works are represented by Mizuma Art and although doesn’t command Murakami like prices, it’s still in the half million and more range. The article goes on to explain that Japanese folks don’t buy art as much as some of the rest of the world. That old argument of small apartments, small houses, etc might be part of it, but it’s just not part of the culture just yet. The odd thing is, in an article that’s sort of round about, not one mention of Yoshitomo Nara. Strange. [Economist - More than Murakami]  
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