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Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center

Perhaps it’s the last thing people want to see in China, but it’s The Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center. It’s not a huge place, but it has 300 pieces on display. The work has gone on to inspire artists around the world including “you know who” who got in trouble for using an image that wasn’t his. In a country so large that was dominated by Communism, these posters are probably still sitting around in the country sides untouched. This is the story on NPR. (NPR – Chinese Propaganda)

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Technology: Pochuter – Lean in For a Kiss

[youtube]xyFZl7lCz_s[/youtube] Pochuter. Yes, lean in and the girl in interactive digital poster, leans in for a kiss. It’s made of photos for now, but eventually, it’ll be moving video. Otakus who have posters of their favorite idols are in luck. Chu means Kiss and mixed with Poster, you get Pochuter. Yes, those folks at Keio University are up to fun projects. Keidai Ogawa likes the girls and this is how he can get closer to kissing them. The female used in the example looks plenty great too.  

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