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Japan Folk Return 78 Million from Quake Rubble

  We’ve seen the Japanese Returns $78 million from Earthquake rubble type headlines for almost a week now, and that’s no surprise. That’s really all you need to know. Eventually, it’ll get to 100 million, and that’ll be no surprise either. Surely, there are folks who are pocketing some cash or using it since they’re not being helped by the tons of donated moneys or are just keeping it. Surely there are treasure hunters as well. That said, this type of news is still not surprising. The above image came from Michael Arias article and this one of his photos. Take a look at the article, it’s amazing. link.

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Kebabs To Tōhoku, v1.0

What follows is a brief report on the most recent of my trips to the disaster-afflicted areas in Tōhoku. Refer to my GR piece about the four trips I took to the North during the first month of the disaster. As I reported previously, Kazu, my brother-in-law in Onagawa, and I had devised an (admittedly vague) guerilla-style plan to distribute doner kebab, pita sandwiches, and possibly ice cream to those in need. Typically, Kazu drives his truck into Sendai and sells pita sandwiches as o-bento lunch for office workers there, and he recently augmented his truck with a Dairy Queen-type ice cream maker to entice local customers. (Though Sendai is a good-sized metropolis, Onagawa is a small fishing town, and...

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