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Memorial Day Pizza Box Recycling

The other day while working, a colleague and I finished off a box of pizza. It was great and the box was a 20″ square behemoth. It was in great condition and looked like a box that I could almost pack art in. Yes, the pepperonis left oil stains. The slices got moved around a bit, meaning, sauces were spilled. Deth P Sun once did a painting that said, Pizza is Forever, and like almost anything man made it leaves a footprint including a problem in recycling. The contaminants that come from oil, cheese, and the tomato sauce actually hinders recycling and can cause an entire recycling batch to go wrong. So what to do? In a nutshell cut out...

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Japan Leads in Recycling Plastics

You want to say good job. It appears that Japan is the foremost plastic recycling nation in the world. According to PSFK, “At 77%, Japan’s plastic recycling rate is about twice that of the UK, and well above the 20% figure for the US, which still depends largely on landfill, according to institute spokesman Takushi Kamiya. One major driver has been the lack of space for landfill close to crowded and sprawling metropolitan areas.” (psfk – Recycling in Japan) Everywhere you go,  you do see recycling bins next to almost every vending machine which dot all landscapes. That’s just for the PET bottles (which are also changing little by little to being 100% recyclable), but there’s still room for improvement for the...

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Visit to a Recycling Plant in Japan May Lead to Recycling Oriented Manufacturing

Rcycling plant in Japan. Panasonic Eco Technology Center. PETEC. It’s cool to hear of things like this where appliances get recycled and turned back into resources. The things that’s neat about this is that manufacturers and designers actually go and see how easy their product is to dismantle and recycle. Further, this leads to efficiency later down the road. A quote in Triple Pundit says, “The plant, which salvages just about every material one can think of, is a model for “recycling-oriented manufacturing” that will surge in the coming years as raw materials become more expensive and difficult to source.” Recycling Oriented Manufacturing. That’s Cool.  

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