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The retraction story ends up better than the original. Yes, after listening to the beat down of “artist” Mike Daisey who fabricated much of his tale of the Apple factory in China, post the wave of suicides, etc, it was refreshing to hear Ira Glass in all of his whininess go after the truth and actually say things in his infuriating voice like, “I don’t believe you.” I’m saying this is a hit. It’s a great piece that pegs a guy down who won’t exactly fess up to his own BS. It’s totally wrong, it’s filled with lies, and if it were a court of law, Ira Glass would be the judge hammering down on a guilty “artist”. Yes, the story is guilty. What remains is a show that’s making every effort to atone for putting out this fallacy of a story and having so many people believe in it and make judgements of a company by using it. Yes, stuff happens in China as much as it happens here. Who washes dishes or busses tables in restaurants? Are they treated well? Who knows maybe some of what was presented in the first place was partially real. But sometimes a beat down is fun to watch or in this case, listen to. Sad, but true. (This American Life – Retraction)
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