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It has happened again. An Asian suspect in a school shooting it’s breaking news. It’s at Oikos University, located at 7850 Edgewater — near the Oakland International Airport. (KTVU – Asian shooter) Update: Possible Shooter in custody. (LA Times) Update 2: 1:09pm multiple sources confirm that the shooter is in custody… Yes, yet another Asian or Asian American involved in a school shooting. The tragedy of this type of violence continues. It’s an epidemic of sorts and although you can’t always prevent them, there’s a problem in Asian America that’s not being handled right. Update 3: 6 dead… Update 4: 7 Dead… the shooter is named One Goh Ko. (One L. Gon or Goh seems to be correct) Name sounds odd and fishy so we’ll see. (KTVU – One Goh Ko)
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