Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

  Eddy is back. Edison Chen, the guy who pretty much demolished a lot of female actresses over night (um, a bunch of nights actually) by way of stolen computer and tons of explicit pornish photos of he and subjects is back. Wasn’t he bound to eat animal feces at the hands of triads? Wasn’t he banned? Yes, he’s been in plenty of indie pictures. Now, the girl above, 16 year old Cammi had her phone stolen and “poof”, photos. She claims they haven’t done anything and it still protecting her golden virginity egg. The talk of a 2 minute sex video isn’t true (it’s probably more like 1 minute). Eddy is back. Keep your daughters indoors and cellphones off. The photos below? Yes, they done it. This guy has to be out of lives by now, and the Vanilla Ice haircut is just a big fail. Oh… the age of consent in Hong Kong… 16. No prison.  
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