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Japan Back in World Baseball Classic

Japan to play WBC. It was unfortunately about money. The MLB got 33% of the revenue while the two time Champions, Japan got only 13% of the ad revenue. “Japan’s professional baseball announced Tuesday it has decided to set up a new business structure that would bring in ¥4 billion ($51.1 million) in four years.” (WSJ – WBC)

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Liu Xiang Has Bad Olympics and Now Controversy

The greatest hurdler of all time, Liu Xiang who has had two bad outing at the last two Olympics is in the midst of controversy. He’s the Asian speedster and like Yao Ming, a national hero in China. According to the South China Morning Post, he was told that his injury was serious at London. He ran, hit the first hurdle and limped to the finish line. Was he injured the entire time, but kept it secret for his endorsements? That’s what the paper implies. The government issued a gag order to the media and he did his thing in front of the world’s eye and broke people’s hearts. This sounds like a piece of sensational news, but who knows. It...

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