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Sometimes, cinema isn’t just to tell a story. It’s has no exact ending. In this case, it’s a process that’ll take longer than the duration of the making and of the showing of his film. This is a touching Story written by Andrew Ahn, a Korean American and gay filmmaker who made his project to come out to his parents. This is the story. Andrew Ahn mentions, “I did this because I knew I wouldn’t be able to say the words “I’m gay.” I’ve tried many times; to sit my parents down on the couch and tell them. But by making a film, I’d have this train, this production pushing me forward. And by casting my parents in the film, I was forcing myself off the ledge. The filmmaking process both distracted and prepared me for the inevitable – that I would eventually have to show my parents the finished film.” (HuffPost – Andrew Ahn)
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