Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

Fresh out, these are perfectly created concoctions of kimchi fried rice (bokumbop) and spicy pork in a ball. When I tasted it, I know what it was instantly. I try miserably to make the bokumbop at home, but it’s not like this. That’s Yong (repping the Knocksteady cap – yes and that would be DFD and his shirt, our friend Johnny Cupcakes) and Ted (repping the Future Rockstars of America – I’ll bet they had no idea I knew what was up). It’s a Kim sandwich and by the looks and tastes of things, my new brothers are going to keep me well fed. They’ll be open in a couple of weeks and their energy is going to make them do well. ( They’ll be ready soon at 11313 Mississippi Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025 or watch them on the Great Truck Race season 3 coming soon. I’ll update you more as I get more tastes.
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