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Terence Yin on Transparent, Dan The Automator, and the state of Cantopop

Hong Kong movie freaks know that Terence Yin has acted for some of Asia’s coolest directors, including Yonfan, Takashi Miike, and Johnnie To. But he’s also a singer, and his new Transparent EP features world-class production by Dan The Automator. A serious follow-up to the The Heavenly Kings mockumentary (which Yin co-produced with his friends, co-stars, and boyband imposters Daniel Wu, Conroy Chan, and Andrew Lin to skewer Hong Kong’s celebrity-driven, cookie-cutter pop music industry), the seven songs have dark lyrics, complex arrangements, and serious beats—not to mention hints of dark wave, dub, and even Britpop. Although I hadn’t talked to the philosophy major from Berkeley in years, I had to reach out find out how this cool project, which...

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New music reviews: Blonde Redhead, Jimmy Cliff, King Khan, M.O.D., Terence Yin

Christmas carols are great and so is karaoke at holiday parties, but sometimes you need to listen to real music. Here’s some new, not-so-new, and upcoming stuff for you to stuff your stockings and earholes with. (Above: King Khan and The Shines at The Echo circa 2008)

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