Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

Holy shit! Redd Kross ruled last night at The Roxy. But first things first. On Sunday night, My brother and I drove past the Orange Curtain to this place called the Observatory in Santa Ana to see Down By Law. Thinking we could just walk in to a mellow crowd, we rolled up 45 minutes before Dave Smalley said their set was going to start only to find a huge line of Mohawks, liberty spikes, and vatos. Punks not dead in OC! We bought tickets just as we heard “The Last Brigade” begin…

Down By Law played a jam-packed 30-minute set, but I don’t know if I ever saw them play longer than that when they headlined the Anti-Club or Spanky’s in the early ’90s. Because it was the last show of a package tour, they played not one but two songs by one of Dave’s old and most beloved bands, Dag Nasty: “Values Here” and “Under Your Influence.” If you know anything about DC punk or Dischord Records, you know this was a big, big deal.

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