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The Jew and The Lotus Podcast Episode 3

Link to the third episode of The Jew and The Lotus Podcast in iTunes. Here's a link to the third at  In this episode of The Jew and The Lotus, Daniel and I get deep into New Years Resolutions, but then we hit a fine gear as curators and gallery/shop owners about what we look for in an artist, how to price art, a tiny bit of politics, and chaos. It's a fun one and 2.5 hours. We're not messing around.  Who is Daniel? Daniel Rolnik is a 26 year old gallery owner in Los Angeles. He's currently in between spaces and will open soon. I've known Daniel since he was in college, and just a few years later we're collaborating...

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2015 with Giant Robot

Post GR Year 5 - Post Magazine and GR2 - Time quickly passed since the last issue of the magazine. This year marked the fifth since it came out. Just last year was the celebration of 20 years of Giant Robot, which included a fun gallery show and talk and the exhibition SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot at the Oakland Museum of California. One ride ends and another one continues. This year is just a little more of that. Teaching a Zine Class at Pitzer College - My early part of the year continues to be co-teaching the Asian American Zines Class at Pitzer College. The class is fun even with brand new students. I forget how young they are...

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