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Fetal Cell Phone Charms

I’ve always suspected that the reason why the iPhone gets outsold in Asia is its inability to allow the user to decorate it with cell phone charms. I’m pretty sure I’m right. Cell phone charms are BIG business. A Tokyo 3D printing company has joined the decades long trend for a niche market – pregnant ladies. Their primary product is a personalized 3D printed model of your  baby in utero. You can go old school and get a 2D grainy, black and white scan of your spawn and try to guess which body part is which. You can even upgrade to a 4D ulstrasound and get clearer images and video of your lumpy baby, OR for $1,200 you can go...

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Zaha Hadid Japan New National Stadium!

Zaha Hadid to design the New National Stadium in Japan! The design is above. Zaha Hadid is known for crazy lines, interesting shapes, and a space age feel. This will be an exciting project. Is this to set up for a possible Olympics? (Huffington Post – Zaha Hadid) Daniel Wu visited a mobile container designed by Hadid in a previous post. (Giant Robot – Hadid)

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Robot Restaurant: Girls and Robots

It’s obviously ftw. Japanese bikini clad Girls and Robots mixed in a cabaret setting in a Tokyo restaurant and guess what, there’s more. They fight! This doesn’t seem like the best entertainment, but it has to be worth a view. At $40 you also get dinner in the form of a bento box! Yes, we need video don’t we? See below! (Reuters – Robot Restaurant) Awesome! [youtube]V04eZypASi4[/youtube]

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