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Giant Robot Game Night 3 Meatbun

Cool shot. That’s at the end of the night. Meatbun Game Night 3. Drizzly, but still fun, Game Night 3 was an all out war of gaming. From Super Meatboy projected in HD to Typing of the Dead on Dreamcast, to Street Fighter, gaming outdoors on Sawtelle is hard to beat. Meatbun featured the Ouendan style Giant Robot shirt which you see at the bottom of the photo below. Giant Robot is also proud to be carrying Meatbun shirts in all locations. The LA one has them now, SF soon!

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Game Night 3 Meat Bun GR2 – Removable Pants GRSF – APE SF

The art on the flyer? That’s me. I didn’t realize it, but you know? It sort of looks like me. I asked the Meatbun folks and they said yes! It’s going to be a T shirt that’ll be available at the event and onward at GR2 this friday along with some of their other designs. Meatbun is featured in Giant Robot 67, and the dudes behind the game inspired t-shirts are Giant Robot supporters. It’s based on a game that has a cheerleading element to it. It’s

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Game Night at GR2

I like seeing pics like the above. Imagine, we have our friends who are around like Kat and Josh on the left and Luis second from right, then you have Anthony and Derek who are friends of GR, and much less regular. It’s GR friends mixing with gamers and mixing with art fans. That’s my favorite combination right now. This pics sums up Game Night pretty well. The idea of Game Night, Giant Robot, and I’m sure adding Attract Mode, Game Space, and Gaijin Games, is building a community, audience, and a good time – on a Monday night! But there’s more!

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