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There was a dumb telephone crank call joke that went something like this: “Is Mr Walls there? The innocent granny on the other end meekly saying, “No?” Then a brash youngster who’s voice is picking up volume and speed: “So who’s holding up your fucking walls?” (Click)

The magnitude of this joke meant little growing up. In fact, I always thought it was stupid but I performed it with grace. Imagine the receiver of the call, nodding their head and cursing the future of the world all because of Mr. Walls.



Since then, I’ve taken walls for granted and should give them more thanks. They do the huge job of keeping roofs over our heads. Barring any disasters, wrecking balls or Kool Aid men, walls are meant to stay and I believe that more and more. In the last one week, from doing “light” construction at GR2, I’ve learned a lot about walls and even have issues with them too.

Walls seem simple. Most of the time, they’re white, flat and say very little about a space. It’s what you put on it that makes it, right? Or so I thought. There’s so many things to say about a wall and how it got there. Is it a nicely made one? Is it rough and crooked? Most of the time, we pay no attention to it’s quality but I can attest that surely there is a very nice wall, a pretty good wall, and so forth. Perhaps at least 5 levels of distinction from my eyes. I can now single out errors in the building and at what step caused the mishap, sort of like how I can see bad kerning or poor font selection.

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