LA Zine Fest – 20th Anniversary GR Zine Packs!

Released at the LA Zine Fest. Issue 1 and 2 with a sticker sheet and button. I took shots of many of the folks who grabbed a set. It was also an honor when some folks bought a Giant Robot zine pack and issues of Cometbus together! Get your zine packs

R0020521 R0020513 IMG_1257 IMG_1263 R0020525 IMG_1261 IMG_1267 R0020529 R0020518 R0020524 R0020539 R0020530 IMG_1266 R0020511 R0020528 R0020534 R0020517 R0020523 IMG_1259 R0020538 R0020533 R0020527 IMG_1252 R0020516 R0020522 R0020514 IMG_1264 R0020537 IMG_1262 R0020526 R0020515 R0020532


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