Giant Robot Time: 1.3.14 – Merging Views opens Sat. 1.11 at GR2!

 giant robot time: 1.3.14 | art by: jeremiah ketner


Merging Views

January 11 – January 29, 2014

Reception: Saturday, January 11, 6:30-10:00 PM

Merging Views will be the first exhibition opening at Giant Robot 2 in 2014 and featuring great artists from Los Angeles and beyond: Godeleine de Rosamel, Wayne Johnson, Kwanchai Moriya, Stasia Burrington, Dan McCarthy, and Dan-ah Kim.

Each will be featuring their own hand in art, from 40 clay sculptures by childrens book artist, Godeleine de Rosamel, silk screener hero Dan McCarthy, who captures Cape Cod, life long ago and worlds beyond, to painters which range in styles. Wayne Johnson uses oils in a time tested technique that echoes both contemporary and historical works. Kwanchai Moriya works faster and creates pieces based on sci-fi and the fantastic, yet at times captures his local environment. Stasia Burrington mixes an illustration style often using watercolors, and Dan-ah Kim works with whimsical and contemplative images which will add a layer of complexity.



Dan McCarthy

As the Crow Flies Print (w/ 3D Glasses)

3 color screen print with 3D glasses (included)! Signed & numbered.

Giant Robot

Big Boss Robot Beanie

Keep your head warm this winter with our new beanies!

Godeleine de Rosamel

Ceramic Sculptures

Artist Godeleine de Rosamel will also be featured in the upcoming Merging Views exhibition at GR2.

Hayao Miyazaki – Ponyo & My Neighbor Totoro

Picture Books

Scene-by-scene illustrations and character dialogue allow children and parents to relive the magical films.

Nikki McClure

Blank Greeting Card

Her designs are created by cutting away from a single piece of black construction paper.





The Year in Review

Giant Robot (Part II)


Each exhibition is a new experience and I have to thank the artists, visitors and everyone online who checks us out.


The Year in Review

Giant Robot (Part I)


The holidays are already here, and it feels like January 1st, 2013 was only yesterday. The high points of the year are plenty for me and like in the past, my life is always tied into Giant Robot.


Two Cats at Balconi Coffee


I don’t get invited to make art often, but when I do, it’s Sculpey cats.


Show reviews: The Muffs at The Satellite; Bill Bartell Tribute with Redd Kross, Adolescents, Germs; Weirdos and Middle Class at The Echoplex


We get to see some pretty rad shows here in Los Angeles. Of course, the thing is that you have to leave your house on cold (about 50 degrees, for us) winter nights and sometimes it even drizzles.



Celebrating 100 episodes of Los Angeles Nista


Congratulations to my friend Eddie Solis on his 100th episode of Los Angeles Nista.



GR2: Multimatter Reception


Okashii made some great GR Big Boss Robot cookies that tasted great. It was nice to see friends coming through on a last show of the year type vibe.



Big hearts under a Mongolian Big Top


Earlier this month I had the privilege of visiting Darkhan, Mongolia’s Shonhoodoi Circus School. This fall, the International Women’s Association of Mongolia (IWAM) was preparing for its winter jacket drive and asked if I could help find some children who might best benefit from the donated winter jackets they’d be collecting.


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