Post It Show 9 Reception Photos

Post It Show 9

The exhibition and sale continues into year 9. The artist list grew as did the quantity of Post It Art and the comment I’ve heard more than once is that the show is better than ever. It’s the same process every year of inviting folks, then finding a way to hang the 2600+ pieces, and then administering the folks who visit. This year, 100 people were in line when the door opened at 6pm. It was another great evening of artist friends and more passing through.

This photo has a lot of great pieces.

Much of the night looked like this. We let in the rest of the crowd at around 9:15pm.

IMG_8171 IMG_8181 IMG_8172 IMG_8162 IMG_8152 IMG_8142 IMG_8093 IMG_8083 IMG_8073 IMG_8063 IMG_8053 IMG_8043 IMG_8039 IMG_8049 IMG_8059 IMG_8069 IMG_8079 IMG_8089 IMG_8099 IMG_8132 IMG_8122 IMG_8112 IMG_8102 IMG_8108 IMG_8118 IMG_8128 IMG_8138 IMG_8148 IMG_8158 IMG_8168 IMG_8123 IMG_8129 IMG_8153 IMG_8044 IMG_8054 IMG_8064 IMG_8074 IMG_8084 IMG_8094 IMG_8159 IMG_8133 IMG_8103 IMG_8109 IMG_8139 IMG_8113 IMG_8119 IMG_8163 IMG_8143 IMG_8149 IMG_8169 IMG_8173 IMG_8045 IMG_8055 IMG_8065 IMG_8075 IMG_8085 IMG_8095 IMG_8104 IMG_8114 IMG_8124 IMG_8134 IMG_8144 IMG_8154 IMG_8164 IMG_8174 IMG_8050 IMG_8080 IMG_8056 IMG_8086 IMG_8060 IMG_8036 IMG_8040 IMG_8046 IMG_8066 IMG_8070 IMG_8076 IMG_8090 IMG_8096 IMG_8105 IMG_8115 IMG_8125 IMG_8135 IMG_8145 IMG_8155 IMG_8165 IMG_8120 IMG_8150 IMG_8126 IMG_8156 IMG_8051 IMG_8081 IMG_8057 IMG_8087 IMG_8061 IMG_8037 IMG_8041 IMG_8047 IMG_8067 IMG_8071 IMG_8077 IMG_8091 IMG_8097 IMG_8100 IMG_8130 IMG_8106 IMG_8160 IMG_8110 IMG_8116 IMG_8136 IMG_8140 IMG_8146 IMG_8166 IMG_8170 IMG_8176 IMG_8167 IMG_8177 IMG_8121 IMG_8127 IMG_8151 IMG_8052 IMG_8058 IMG_8082 IMG_8088 IMG_8038 IMG_8062 IMG_8042 IMG_8048 IMG_8068 IMG_8072 IMG_8078 IMG_8092 IMG_8098 IMG_8157 IMG_8101 IMG_8107 IMG_8131 IMG_8111 IMG_8117 IMG_8137 IMG_8141 IMG_8147 IMG_8161 IMG_0203 IMG_0152 IMG_0122 IMG_0132 IMG_0142 IMG_0127 IMG_0137 IMG_0147 IMG_0182 IMG_0192 IMG_0197 IMG_0100 IMG_0150 IMG_0140 IMG_0105 IMG_0115 IMG_0125 IMG_0135 IMG_0145 IMG_0133 IMG_0103 IMG_0108 IMG_0123 IMG_0143 IMG_0118 IMG_0138 IMG_0173 IMG_0148 IMG_0198 IMG_0121 IMG_0106 IMG_0141 IMG_0136 IMG_0146 IMG_0181 IMG_0186 IMG_0196 IMG_0114 IMG_0104 IMG_0134 IMG_0124 IMG_0109 IMG_0144 IMG_0164 IMG_0184 IMG_0194 IMG_0179 IMG_0199