Post-It 8 Notes: Rules etc.

We’ll be adding to this, so keep a look out.

Know: This is the busiest art exhibition at GR2. There will be more people than there will be space for people.

1) Line forms outside. As far as we know, at this point, Customers can line up anytime you’d like. We’d suggest that customers get here early. Do know that customers can’t save a space by showing up and leaving. More than likely, the space will be gone. We will not police this line.

2) Out of town Customers: We won’t save Post-it notes for you. You can’t buy them ahead of time. They will be available online after the exhibition.

3) Most of the same rules from years past will apply. For example: Customers can purchase 1 Post-it by each artist. Until there is no line left. Then it’s ok for “seconds”.

4) We will be serving at least three customers at a time this year to move the line faster.

5) Customers shall not serve themselves Post-it art.

6) Great Customers of GR2: We love you, but do not ask for “Cuts”. Everyone will be asking for “Cuts”.