JANM Kokoro Craft Boutique

JANM Kokoro Craft Boutique. Congrats. That’s Rodney Kageyama and Tamlyn Tomita below. Rodney was the MC of the day.

People lurk and check out the gear on the tables. The event was fun.

Kat Rivera shows off the bag of buttons she purchased through the vending machine at JANM.

IMG_8679_8041953898_o IMG_8676_8041941137_o IMG_8675_8041943709_o IMG_8674_8041947970_o IMG_8673_8041949980_o IMG_8672_8041942259_o IMG_8670_8041949058_o IMG_8669_8041940607_o IMG_8668_8041938951_o IMG_8667_8041954216_o IMG_8666_8041947532_o IMG_8665_8041939875_o IMG_8664_8041952330_o IMG_8663_8041943421_o IMG_8662_8041941795_o IMG_8661_8041951170_o IMG_2514 IMG_2534 IMG_2518 IMG_2527 IMG_2521 IMG_2528 IMG_2503 IMG_2533 IMG_2530 IMG_2507

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