Giant Robot: Game Over Exhibition Photos

Thanks for the visit to Game Over at Giant Robot. The exhibition features 140 pieces of art from nearly 80 artists. The opening reception on saturday was one of the most crowded ever. People filed in at 6 and we had people still hanging around well past 10. The work fills the walls and if you’re a game or art fan, this is a perfect place to get lost for a while. One of the first things you notice are video game cabinets and they’re featuring a game made by programmer Beau Blyth with art by Jeni Yang. It’s called Catburger. That’s Beau and Jeni below. Again to those who helped us get the show together including: Meatbun, Adam Robezzoli, Carlos Lopez, Dean Gojobori, Kio Griffith and to who promoted, covered and showed up, thanks much. We’ll get art online for sale perhaps later today or tomorrow.



Dylan Sprouse is an indie gamer.


Shelby Cinca shows off Yeren, a game he designed with Sean Chao to Carlos Angrybananas Lopez. Shelby is a the DM.


Elizabeth Ito and Jeni Yang.


Yes, you can kind of see what it looks like, during a less packed moment. It was wall to wall people throughout.


We’re making it into a documentary.


Sarah Lee and Jesse Tise.


People playing Catburger. That’s Ana Serrano on the right.


Oh my. It’s chaos with Miso in the middle.


More pics below

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