Cash Mob Helps a Shop

The idea of a cash mob sounds just as great as a flash mob. Imagine, people pooling together to shop at a single place that might not get their business at all in a year. It might only last an hour, but that hour might help out a shop for a week. Yes, maybe you’re not getting that exact brand or it might even cost a bit more, but the extra money spent is the same as a single beer that you drink at an expensive bar and you probably pound down 3 or 4. That designer truck taco that you eat standing up in the cold, the expensive single slice of pizza (and you eat 2), all this is money that one can say you’re wasting. Shop local. Instead of Walgreens, KMart, Target, or Burger King, why not for an hour, pool together with friends and go somewhere else just for an hour. (Palo Alto Online – Cash Mob)