David Choe vs Jeremy Lin – Biggest Asian American News Makers

In the last few days, two names have emerged as the biggest news makers of Asian America – perhaps of the year, and it’s only early February. Our friend, David Choe (below right) made huge news because of a Facebook mural, the right choice, and reportedly $200 million dollars. No, he didn’t build Facebook, but he decorated it and chose stocks over a decent sum of money for his labor in 2005. Years later, he has more than a winning lotto ticket or even Kobe Bryant. He’s been on Howard Stern, Nightline tomorrow, and there’s plenty of media he’s turning down. He’s been in the forefront of the news.



Then there’s Jeremy Lin, two games 58 points, a lot of assists and he’s playing in New York City. From the dumps to one of the biggest stages in sports. Who knows what kind of contract he has and what will happen in the next game or when the other guards heal up, but he’s doing the Jackie Robinson type of thing in the NBA for Asian America, although it’s only 2 games.



Surely, the Jeremy Lin story might be more important although it’s a mere two games and not an annual All Star candidate, but he’s pushing Asian America in the most traditional ways. From high school stand out to Harvard to the NBA, getting cut a few times then sent to the D League, and now “starring.” Yet, the Choe story is something that’s akin to a new Asian America and new world. Social media riches isn’t the same as the age old NBA, yet for an outspoken Asian American, it’s a great medium and in the case of David Choe, he chose free speeching Howard Stern as his first interview over all of traditional media and was interviewed by Barbara Walters doing graffiti.

Since the title of the post has a vs… who’s news is more important? It’s hard to tell just yet. David Choe has potential energy to do a lot more and go to the billionaire mark and be the biggest artist period. Jeremy Lin can be a great basketball player. An All Star if he keep playing like he is, at the moment, Jeremy Lin has the edge but it can die out. Choe on the other hand is like Richard Pryor in Brewster’s Millions. Who knows what he’ll do.