Sawtelle Stories – Businesses of Yesteryear

That’s Greg Otani working at Safe and Save Market (now closed)


A few of you might be interested in the Sawtelle Blvd of the past. Here’s some stories that were presented by some of the ex-merchants. Recently a discussion / presentation took place at the West LA Buddhist temple including the past owners or family members of owners from Tensho Drugs, Safe and Save Market, Yamaguchi, and Sawtelle Food Market. More programs will happen in the future and the Japanese Institute of Sawtelle has recaps of their previous events under Sawtelle Stories. There’s a lot of history in the area around Giant Robot, GR2 and gr/eats and if you’re into the local history, this is a place to check it out. Yet, for most of “us”, the importance and interest of the local history resides in the locals, historians and researchers. Do I care? Yes, but with the knowledge, what do I do with it? It’s trivia but not trivial. (SJIS – News) (Rafu Shimpo – Sawtelle Round Up)