Giant Robot 2 Post It 7 Selections

There are so many great Post It art works on the wall. Again, iPhone shots as I walked by the pieces. Imagine getting the Star Wars set below… very cool. Here’s the list of names and the place you can purchase something. At $20 for most of the regular size Post It works, it’s a great deal.



Saelee Oh below. That’s a nice piece.


Is that Lucy Liu? A couple of weeks back, I helped Lucy Liu with her purchases at GR. She wore no make up, looked awesome and was super low key. We joked around for nearly an hour and she was as down to Earth as anyone can be. It’s not the first time I’ve seen her at GR, and hopefully not the last.



See the set below.

photo-(68) photo-(82) photo-(75) photo-(72) photo-(69) photo-(81) photo-(79) photo-(80) photo-(78) photo-(77) photo-(74) photo-(73) photo-(84) photo-(83) photo-(76)