Search For Kim Han Sol – The Grandson of Kim Jong Il


Searching for Kim Han Sol. The grandson of Kim Jong Il. The story takes you on a short journey in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina where the young man attends an international university. It seems like an odd place for a school that is supposed to be of decent caliber to exist, but it does. He’s 16 and has to deal with media. He has a handler and seems to be well protected. It reminds us of a similar story I once heard from a GR contributor who explained a similar “protection” of a large political figures daughter. From hiding her from media by circling her while they walked and from her own appointed handlers, from quieting down in the car when she received phone calls asking, “Where Are You!?” Other than that, Kim Han Sol is probably having a blast. The story is a fun one to read. (Asahi Shimbun – Kim Han Sol)