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Kim Jong Il’s Grandson, Kim Han-sol Interview in English

His English is perfect, he’s young and sporting two earrings, and this is the most we’ve ever heard from him directly. He has dreams to go back and make life better in North Korea. His father is Kim Jong Nam who was to be the heir apparent but fell out of favor. The kid seems like a smart one and he’s just a freshman who has a Libyan roommate. [youtube]T_uSuCkKa3k[/youtube] youtube link     Part 2 [youtube]XSfVOf4OACs[/youtube] youtube link

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Search For Kim Han Sol – The Grandson of Kim Jong Il

  Searching for Kim Han Sol. The grandson of Kim Jong Il. The story takes you on a short journey in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina where the young man attends an international university. It seems like an odd place for a school that is supposed to be of decent caliber to exist, but it does. He’s 16 and has to deal with media. He has a handler and seems to be well protected. It reminds us of a similar story I once heard from a GR contributor who explained a similar “protection” of a large political figures daughter. From hiding her from media by circling her while they walked and from her own appointed handlers, from quieting down in the car when she...

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Kim Han-Sol – Kim Jong Il’s Hipster G-Son

Meet the Fourth Kim, and this isn’t just any Kim, this is Kim Jong Il’s G-son, Kim Han-Sol – the hipster with bleached hair, who’s not eating as much, also with stylish glasses. He was discovered in the last few weeks, (but news came out in the last 24 hours) after being accepted to a school, United World College in Mostar. The press release mentioned, “The entry of a student from North Korea, furthermore from a very well-known family, has understandably generated surprise and comment, some of it critical.” Since then he was tracked down on social media including Facebook and now all of it is closed down. But, is this really him? It would be funny if this were just...

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