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Kim Jong-Un Grades in School

Kim Jong-Un was a crappy student. F’s, mediocrity, cutting class 75 times and started slower, this man now supposedly runs a nation and is a 4 star general… Nepotism is a great thing for one. (Google – Kim Jong-Un) Meanwhile on the other end of the coin, Shin Dong-hyuk, born and raised in a North Korean Prison camp is the only known escapee with his credentials is now the subject of a book, “Escape From Camp 14″. Nepotism didn’t work out for him as well. He watched his brother and mother get executed for trying to escape. So far it’s a smooth read and it’s a rare account of what goes on in the camps. (WSJ – Escape From Camp 14)  ...

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Search For Kim Han Sol – The Grandson of Kim Jong Il

  Searching for Kim Han Sol. The grandson of Kim Jong Il. The story takes you on a short journey in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina where the young man attends an international university. It seems like an odd place for a school that is supposed to be of decent caliber to exist, but it does. He’s 16 and has to deal with media. He has a handler and seems to be well protected. It reminds us of a similar story I once heard from a GR contributor who explained a similar “protection” of a large political figures daughter. From hiding her from media by circling her while they walked and from her own appointed handlers, from quieting down in the car when she...

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