GR2 Post It 7 Opening Photos

Post It’s 7, an insane exhibition that takes so much effort from so many people. Volunteers, help, friends, and even family is what it takes to put the 1200+ Post Its from 181 artists. It was a great opening. Amazing and it wasn’t that rough of a crowd, but it was a packed house all night.


The best part, people love it, the worst part, think of the work behind it, pre and post exhibition. Yes, and some people complain. You’d think sticking them up is easy, but even that isn’t, Post Its are sticky, but not sticky enough. A light gust of wind of someone walking by and they’d fall off. Is there double stick tape behind each of the 1200? Yes there is, who puts that there? The Post Its fairy? No. How do you account for the left over pieces by the 181 folks? Shipping them back? Sorting them, and so on. Yes, it is no joke.



People’s hands crowd the sign up list.


photo-(65) photo-(66) IMG_3114 IMG_3113 IMG_3110 IMG_3108 IMG_3106 IMG_3104 IMG_3103 IMG_3102 IMG_3096 IMG_3092 IMG_3091 IMG_3088 IMG_3087 IMG_3084 IMG_3080 IMG_3078 IMG_3076 IMG_3075 IMG_3073 IMG_3069 IMG_3068 IMG_3067 IMG_3064 IMG_3060 IMG_3058 IMG_3055 IMG_3052 IMG_3114