Giant Robot Kool Things Guide 3


Yes, relentless pursuit of gifts at Giant Robot.


James Jean Exit Eden Skatedecks Displayable, beautiful, it’s a James Jean print on decks. ($250 set)


Uglydoll Mij The shapes get interesting. This has a grassy and natural feel. Springs of spring! ($20)


Yellow Rat – Kio’s Ding Repair t shirt. The shirt is called “Dingy” Art by Barry McGee / Margaret Kilgallen and it comes in alternate colors too. ($32)
Giant Robot Tape Robot – a collab with brand Greenlady. It really looks like masking tape! ($19)


Meat Bun – Ouendan! It’s based on a funny Japanese video game about cheerleading! It’s a GR benefit shirt. ($24)
Kumquat / GR footy for the little ones! ($35)