Giant Robot Store Kool Things: Guide #2


Art from Giant Robot 2 The Art of Problem Solving, and much more.

Ben Jones and John Pham Roba #1 This is art from The Art of the Problem Solving. It’s a painting in that wonderful John Pham style. Fine lines, a digital look, but analog in technique. Truly nice. ($500) 
Production Art Giant Tattoo Dude. Fan of the Show? For a low price you can get actual work drawings, some with notes on them that were used for the show. This is rare and cool material and you won’t be seeing this anywhere soon. ($100)


Problem Solverz Print Portfolio. All 12 8.25×10.25 prints for $50! That translates to just over $4 a print. This is a steal! ($50)

GR Cardboard Robot T. Robots can be made of cardboard and this image depicts one that looks like it was made by a kid as a costume. Yes we all dreamed of objects bigger then we were and cardboard is readily available. People will make their dreams out of their left over packaging. ($19)


Chop Shop Ghosts T Shirt. The ghosts of the past from films and stories. Yes, this is a shirt for you. It’s simple, black, and features Hellraiser, Slimer, and more. ($25)
Totoro. 10″ tall! This is an official Totoro product. We’ve heard time and time again that Totoro stuff is pricey. But do know, if it’s not, it’s probably a bootleg and you’re supporting piracy. Ours are legit and made in the best quality possible. ($43.50)