The Working Man premiere party – Sets posted for your listening pleasure

On Sunday night I got to play records at the premiere party for my friends Tad and Thy’s excellent The Working Man skate video. Actually, it was our mutual friend and actual DJ Wing Ko who was initially invited, but he asked me if I wanted to join him. How could I say no? Isn’t it every dude’s dream to play his favorite songs at maximum volume and make a ton of people listen to it?

For my first, last, and most likely only effort as DJ Moway, I played one set of 7″ singles and another with vinyl LPs, EPs and compilations. Unlike Wing, who did some serious mixing, editing, and other tricks, I just played records. Here are the song lists, as well as links to versions that I put up on Spotify and shared via Facebook. Interestingly, each of the online sets can fit snugly on one side of a 90-minute cassette! That’s appropriate since they’re more like mix tapes for sitting around, shooting the shit, and playing dominoes than packing a dance floor.

Set 1 – All 7″ singles

Chain and The Gang – Detroit Music
Paul Weller – No Tears To Cry
The Plimsouls – Now
The Cramps – Do The Clam (live)
X – Breathless
The Ramones – Street Fighting Man
Nomeansno – I Don’t Care/Glad All Over (live)
OFF! – I Don’t Belong
The Peechees – Well Worth Talking About
The Muffs – Beat Your Heart Out
The Wynona Riders – Kids in America
Built To Spill – So & So & So & So From Wherever Wherever
Drive Like Jehu – Bullet Train To Vegas
Lync – Two Feet in Front
Poison Idea – The Harder They Come
The ‘Tone – Walking Down The Road
The Specials – Gangsters
Lily Allen – Blank Expression
The Jam – Start!
The Buzzcocks – Why Can’t I Touch It?

Spotify is missing a bunch of stuff, including the Plimsouls’ studio version of “Now,” “Do The Clam” off a Cramps’ bootleg on pretty red vinyl, X’s cover of “Breathless” as heard in the Richard Gere movie of the same name, and a live medley of “I Don’t Care/Glad All Over” by Nomeansno from the Sasquatch double 7″. The ska covers “Harder They Come” by Poison Idea and “Walking Down The Road” by The ‘Tone aren’t available, either. For Spotify, I put the Jam song in front because the remaining songs sounded better that way. It should be noted that Wing played Little Roy’s awesome reggae version of “Come As You Are” between The Specials and Lily Allen, which was really cool…

Set 2 – Vinyl LPs, EPs, and compilations

New York Dolls – Personality Crisis
Generation X – Gimme Some Truth
Iggy & The Stooges – I Got A Right (Final Mix)
Stiv Bators – Have Love, Will Travel
The Fuzztones – Gotta Get Some
Redd Kross – Blow You a Kiss in The Wind
Cheap Trick – He’s a Whore
The Bangs – Southern Girls
Black Flag – Gimme Gimme Gimme (w/ Johnny “Bob” Goldstein)
The Dickies – Paranoid
Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia (live)
Minutemen – Party with Me, Punker
Mad Parade – One Tin Soldier
Embrace – Money
Descendents – Suburban Home
fIREHOSE – Sometimes, Almost Always
Sham 69 – Borstal Breakout
Soulside – New Fast Fucky
Dag Nasty – Can I Say (w/ Shawn)
The Damned – Love Song

Not as many missing songs here. But it’s too bad “Blow You a Kiss in the Wind” by Redd Kross and “Southern Girls” by The Bangs aren’t around because they bookend the Cheap Trick song really well. No live version of “Holiday In Cambodia,” either, and that’s okay. The sound quality of A Skateboard Party isn’t very good and I really just wanted the spoken intro by Jello reading and answering an interview question: “Is it true that roller skating a substitute for surfing by punk rockers? You must mean skateboarding. You must mean skateboarding.” Actually, I recall fading out the song pretty quickly…

Another thing I want to add is that while a real DJ makes it look really easy to play good songs, I was flustered as hell getting tracks ready, putting the records back into their jackets, and trying to eat some slices of Pizzanista! on the side. It doesn’t help that many of the songs were really short and under two minutes long. But it was super fun and I hope some of you check out the play lists, even if they’re not especially deep.

Massive thanks to Tad, Thy, Wing, and crew, as well as The Colourist, who premiered their new video and played a rad short set, too. Look for The Working Man soon because it rips, and listen to my playlists now. Hopefully they do the same!