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On Sunday night I got to play records at the premiere party for my friends Tad and Thy’s excellent The Working Man skate video. Actually, it was our mutual friend and actual DJ Wing Ko who was initially invited, but he asked me if I wanted to join him. How could I say no? Isn’t it every dude’s dream to play his favorite songs at maximum volume and make a ton of people listen to it?

For my first, last, and most likely only effort as DJ Moway, I played one set of 7″ singles and another with vinyl LPs, EPs and compilations. Unlike Wing, who did some serious mixing, editing, and other tricks, I just played records. Here are the song lists, as well as links to versions that I put up on Spotify and shared via Facebook. Interestingly, each of the online sets can fit snugly on one side of a 90-minute cassette! That’s appropriate since they’re more like mix tapes for sitting around, shooting the shit, and playing dominoes than packing a dance floor.

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