Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Susie Ghahremani


Susie Ghahremani is a long time artist and supporter of Giant Robot. Some of her most popular work are tiny pieces that gave her major hand problems in the past, but the results are a beautiful array of birds, trees, and other spirited images. It’s hard to show just one or two Susie Ghahremani artworks since her career is expanding into products by Chronicle Books including a travel journal called Bon Voyage. You can see her works and more at her site


Susie is also working on a picture book which will be out in 2013, illustrations in the Bust – Diy Guide to Life book, and has an exhibition currently in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A strange link is her affinity for the game of Sudoku. She even illustrates the covers of Sudoku books. Take a look! Her works continue to balance cute, technical, and colorful.

We also feature some of Susie’s goods at our own site like the print above. Please take a look and watch for Susie Ghahremani at Giant Robot 2 in 2012.

If you haven’t had enough of Susie just from the above, there’s even more: