Bike Racks Coming Soon

Sometimes, a small thing like a bike rack can mean a lot. Why is it that on our busy street, there are no bike racks? We’re on the Westside of LA which means people trying to exercise, get out, save gas, stick it to the man (not really), and pedal. Where to park your bike? On a tree? At a meter? Soon, as seen with what looks like a stencil tag is a bike rack that’ll sit in front of Giant Robot and GR2 and even Tofuya (yes, they got lucky since Michelle B. who set these up, pointed the bike rack installer in that direction). This leads back to why? Why didn’t anyone else think of it? Is GR still the most progressive to look at Google? Are people so hung up on taking customers money that they don’t care where their customers are supposed to put their bikes? There’s a lot of questions on the “new” Sawtelle area, and “new” meaning just the last couple of years. Our world is changing here, and we’re now the older businesses on the block at 10 and 8 years.

The bike racks… That’s a great thing for customers and we’ll promote some specials for bike riders soon. We’ll also watch the customers for other places park their bikes at the racks in front of our shop. We’ll happily share even if the other businesses won’t.