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Giant Robot Bikes Tee

The Giant Robot Bikes Shirt is Back One fine day, I decided to draw bikes. I'd never say I do art, but for the sake of production I can pick up a pen and give it a shot. The white bike was one of my favorites growing up. Know what that is? It's the Mongoose BMX with Moto Mags! The other bike I liked a lot was the Schwinn Sting-Ray series. These had a smaller wheel in the front, but the part that I liked about them was the 5 speed gear shifter. That shifter was eventually removed for what I believe were safety reasons. Imagine the accidents... The final bike is a current fixie. Although they're also seen as a hipster bike,...

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The Journey of Spirit Continues

Back in June I wrote about Daeung Sunim, a Korean Buddhist monk who set out to ride his bike across Canada, the US and down across South America.  He’s made it across Canada, and met lots of people and had great hosts, and had what looks like they could have been very odd “you must like this cause you’re Asian” moments, but it all seemed to come from a really good place of being open, gracious and friendly to a stranger with a good heart. He blogs when he can, sharing pictures of his trip. His first Canadian friend, Dave Pope, who has devoted himself to helping Sunim make his journey safely, has found some help in translating some of...

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Bike Racks Coming Soon

Sometimes, a small thing like a bike rack can mean a lot. Why is it that on our busy street, there are no bike racks? We’re on the Westside of LA which means people trying to exercise, get out, save gas, stick it to the man (not really), and pedal. Where to park your bike? On a tree? At a meter? Soon, as seen with what looks like a stencil tag is a bike rack that’ll sit in front of Giant Robot and GR2 and even Tofuya (yes, they got lucky since Michelle B. who set these up, pointed the bike rack installer in that direction). This leads back to why? Why didn’t anyone else think of it? Is GR...

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