Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist Junko Mizuno


Junko Mizuno is a manga artist from Japan now living in San Francisco. We interviewed her for Giant Robot magazine years ago at a time when she hardly spoke English. Now, she speaks English without issues and is busy exploring her comics and artwork. For GR2′s Robots exhibition, we have original pages of a special Japanese edition of Pure Trance. They’re all drawn by hand with some Zipatone added for shading. We have some of these pages available here.



Mizuno is quite busy and has a multitude of projects and products available. She provided a handy list!

1) Junko Mizuno x Gay Witch Abortion - 40 page art book with a soundtrack CD by Gay Witch Abortion
and HAZE XXL. Edition of 200. Available at Amphetamine Reptile
Promo vid on YouTube:

2) Graphic novels from Last Gasp: “Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU”
“Pure Trance”

3) Art pieces, prints & merchandise from Gallery Nucleus:

4) Art pieces, prints & merchandise from Magic Pony:

5) Silkscreen gig posters from Secret Serpents:

6) My website: