NewsBot TripleShot: An Osaka Inside Outhouse, a Tokyo Cat House, and a Malibu Skate House

Pictures and stories about weird structures and odd houses are all over the internet. You’ve probably heard about the zombie-proof fortress in Japan, of course, and the zombie-proof house in Poland. And chances are you’ve heard all about various narrow, space-saving houses in Japan, Korea, and even here in the U.S. These things are all really cool and very fun to think about, because pretty much everyone has a fantasy of living in a fantastic place in an unusual and special home. For example, we wouldn’t mind living in a really narrow, zombie-proof house in Shibuya. Or Manhattan. The point is, extreme houses and architecture are relatively easy to find these days. But the odd, interesting and quirky things inside otherwise normal-looking structures are harder to find. And these are what have attracted our attention of  late. So read on for brief stories, with links, about some offbeat but interesting homes and the things about them that make them unusual.

First up is a house in Osaka, Japan that has a rather unusually placed bathroom. If fact, it’s right in the middle of the main living and dining space, and has been decorated to look like a domed camping tent. The logic behind the shape and the placement of this lavatory feature seems to be making it solar heated, due to the way that sunlight streams into the house’s high windows during certain parts of the day. At the link, you’ll be able to see plenty of pictures of the interior of the house, and of the bathroom, which seems quite well appointed and luxurious. And, let’s face it, who didn’t dream at one point as a kid of having a camping tent right in the middle of your parents’ living room. ( – Osaka Dome Bathroom)

Next up is a house in Tokyo that has been configured to be very, very friendly and accommodating for cats. Yes, yes, we understand that not all of our readers like cats. Still, after looking at the images at the link, one has to admire the thought and engineering which has gone into keeping cats comfortable and stimulated in this urban home. If you have ever been to Tokyo, you probably saw cats almost everywhere you went. But that does not make it the most feline-friendly town for cats outdoors. So it seems logical and thoughtful that the cat lover who built this house wanted a safe environment for his (or her) pets, yet one that still allows them to climb, explore and get a bit wild. And from our perspective, should the owner ever move and sell this house to folks without pets, the cat shelves on the walls still make attractive and useful display features for books, curios or artworks. (Modern Cat – Tokyo Kitty House)

And finally in today’s real estate feature we bring you the ultimate thrasher’s paradise, a house that has been designed for skating both outside AND in. Yes, that is correct. It is the brainchild of Pierre Andre Senizergues, the champion skateboarder and founder of Sole Technology, Inc. Although still in the “beta” prototype stage, the plan is to build the house in Malibu, California. The house itself will be an elongated structure with rounded ends, and rooms with curved walls and low steps that will make it perfect for moving from room to room using a skateboard. Essentially, the whole house will be a series of skate pipes, where occupants will be able to practice tricks and techniques without having to break local skating laws or risk getting caught doing skate tricks on public property. A very cool idea. No word yet on when the skate house will be built. ( – Prototype Skater’s Dream House)