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Pictures and stories about weird structures and odd houses are all over the internet. You’ve probably heard about the zombie-proof fortress in Japan, of course, and the zombie-proof house in Poland. And chances are you’ve heard all about various narrow, space-saving houses in Japan, Korea, and even here in the U.S. These things are all really cool and very fun to think about, because pretty much everyone has a fantasy of living in a fantastic place in an unusual and special home. For example, we wouldn’t mind living in a really narrow, zombie-proof house in Shibuya. Or Manhattan. The point is, extreme houses and architecture are relatively easy to find these days. But the odd, interesting and quirky things inside otherwise normal-looking structures are harder to find. And these are what have attracted our attention of  late. So read on for brief stories, with links, about some offbeat but interesting homes and the things about them that make them unusual.

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