Realms Ako Castuera, Elsa Mora, and Yellena James

Realms Ako Castuera, Elsa Mora, and Yellena James. That’s Ako and her father pictured above. He’s got style. The exhibition went without a hitch. The work looks great and the combination of the three couldn’t have been any better. The surprise of the bunch is GR newcomer Elsa Mora who’s works amazed. They’re paper cuts, but as you can see below, some pieces are folded, and turned into a figurative version of objects. The cuts themselves are delicate and precious and anyone who takes the time to look will have their imaginations piqued. The pieces stun everyone. Here’s alink to all of the work.

That’s Elsa and her daughter. Kind of a touching photo as Elsa takes a look at Ako’s works.

Elsa and Ako. Not pictured is Yellena who couldn’t make it down from Portland. She was missed.

Yellena was missed, but her art is developing. Look at the colors!

Here’s something I didn’t see coming. Art in boots! If you saw the short film I made about Ako, you’ll see the film strips. Here’s one of them.

Rob Sato and Ako sneaking in sandwiches.

Ako and her uncle and aunt.

Martin sighting with Wendy, with Ryan Hui and his wife.

John Pham meets Ako’s family including her mom who’s about to open up her grocery bag filled with Japanese confections.

More Elsa images.

Yellena James.

And yes, another Yellena James. These are prints.

Last photo. Elsa Mora and Family. Check out the kids and the Uglydoll book.