Post It Show X - Event Photos

Post It art by Rob Sato 


Amazing doesn't explain the annual Post It Show. It's beyond 300 artists making more than 2500 art pieces on Post It notes, all being $25 regardless of fame, effort, and time. We want to say thank you to the hundreds who came out to the event and thankfully, we had a door person (Big Jon) handle the traffic. A few slept overnight, including one for two straight days, and of course they got some choice pieces. Yet the show has two sides. There are the "popular" artists who make work that's a steal at $25, and the many "unknowns" who make great work and are ripe for discovery. I'm thankful both are in the exhibition. (Link to the Flickr set)


Name the art pieces!


The line was long, sorry about that folks. At one point, we had 9 pickers at the same time.


Many Post It pieces remain!