Samurai! Exhibition at Worcester Art Museum (WAM)

I'm curating an exhibition titled, Samurai! at Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, Mass. It begins in April and continues through September. I'm including some great folks, some newer to me and some not so new to me. This article lists, 

Miya Ando, James Jean, kozyndan, Mu Pan, Ferris Plock, Masakatsu Sashie, Rob Sato, Yuko Shimizu, and Kent Williams. There are more! I'll keep you updated with movements about this exhibition.

“Samurai! has been a highly collaborative process with the Museum’s curatorial, education, and conservation departments,” said guest curator Eric Nakamura, founder of the Los Angeles-based Giant Robot Store and GR2 Gallery. “I am used to working with contemporary artists and illustrators, but looking at historical materials through a contemporary lens has produced truly unique work. A number of surprising parallels can be made—both time periods have flourishing art production, including work in traditional media but also unexpected places, from armor of the past to the streets of the present. As someone at the intersection of Asian and Asian American popular culture, it’s rewarding to introduce visitors to Japanese customs and contemporary art simultaneously.” 

Link to Go Local Worcester

Artists include: Audrey Kawasaki Mari Inukai Andrew Hem Kent Williams James Jean Yuko Shimizu Miya Ando Moira Hahn Jed Henry Terada Katsuya Sashie MasakatsuFerris Plock Robert Sato Mu Pan Esao Andrews Kozyndan Kozy KitchensJosh Cochran Shawn Cheng