JANM: Drawing Party - Giant Robot Biennale 4 - Luke Chueh, Yoskay Yamamoto and Mari Inukai

"Drawing Party" took place at the Japanese American National Museum on Saturday. A stream of folks came in to draw with Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai and Yoskay Yamamoto and the topics went from Bears to Flowers with 13 minute intervals. Meanwhile Goh Nakamura playing a guitar accompaniment to the each of the topics. The event was meant to be a casual get together to draw and hopefully share ideas. Mari drew and did a little bit of watercolor embellishments. Yoskay did his infamous lines and details, and Luke went from his classic characters to his darkened imagery. With 8 sessions, or was it 9? and either 24 or 27 drawings raffled at the end, the chances to win a drawing was quite high. Guess what? There might be another one of these upcoming soon. Here's the rest of the photos. (Flickr Set) Of course, thanks to the staff at JANM for letting this happen.