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  Hiko blogs about Trendy Magazine and lists their 30 hot items in Japan for this year. He offers some analysis as well. Thanks for the transcription. (Hiko – Top 30) Nikkei Trendy Top 30 Hit Products of 2011 in Japan 30. Asahi W Zero Cocktails – alcohol free cocktail soda pop 29. Maru Maru Mori Mori – The ending theme song to a popular drama on Fuji TV, the first time in 34 years a child’s song has sold more than 200,000 CDs 28. JINS Air Spectacle Frames 27. Attonon – a cream you can buy that hides cuts and bruises (?!) 26. Maa-Pika – Toilet disinfectant 25. Nestle Cocoa D’Or – Special edition hot chocolate for adults 24. Microwaveable Fried Chicken – In the never ending and surprisingly high quality range of instant dinners in Japan, a number of makers have come out with high quality microwaveable precooked fried chicken 23. Radiko Radio – Internet based Radio has been a big boom, led by web page and Internet radio apps. 22. CN-SG500 Hand Held Travel Navigation System 21. K-Pop music 20. Tablets (iPad 2 in particular) 19. Sofina Primavista – Long keep base cosmetic UV cream 18. Honcho – Korean health supplement drink aimed at women 17. Tanita Empoyee Cafeteria Low Fat Cookbook – popular with dieters 16. Shot Note – Stationery notepads designed for photographing and storing as memos on smart phones 15. Ponzu Jure – A new line of vinegar based dressing/sauce 14. Sunshine Aquarium – a new popular aquarium in Ikebukuro that got 600,000 visitors in first two months of opening 13. Cardboard Box Fighting Machine Plastic Models (LBX Series) – a popular line of toys 12. Toning shoes – shoes designed to tone your body just walking around in them 11. Linear/Railway Museum – a popular JR railway museum that features Japan’s new upcoming maglev high speed trains 10. Kamen Riders Transformation Belt (DX Orz Driver) – popular children’s toy in power rangers tradition 9. Loxonin – recently available without prescription painkiller/headache medicine 8. PHS Phones With Flat Rate Unlimited Calling to All Carriers 7. Makkori – A cloudy version of the popular Korean drink Jinro 6. Daihatsu Mira E:S and Mazda Demio13 Sky Active – high mileage compact cars 5. Nissin Cup Noodle Company Mixed Rice Meals 4. Sanyo Gopan bread maker 3. “Energy Saving” Fans 2. Facebook – thanks to a lot of help from Dentsu, and also in part to promotion by Nikkei Trendy… 1. Smart Phones
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