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Made Better in Japan

The obsession of some Japanese folks have been noted by many and this article in the WSJ explains just a few more examples in length. How far does authentic need to go? Does it need to match the roots of the product or project? Does it match a hybrid that’s current? In Japan, it seems to need to find the best time or era of the item, if not, it needs to be as obsessive as possible to satisfy the perfectionist. It ranges from clothing, food, and more. Made in Japan means something to many and that stamp is something that’s sought after. Even the toy companies like Gargamel proudly lives with that stamp on their figures. In the (WSJ- Made...

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Top 30 Things in Japan from Trendy Mag

  Hiko blogs about Trendy Magazine and lists their 30 hot items in Japan for this year. He offers some analysis as well. Thanks for the transcription. (Hiko – Top 30) Nikkei Trendy Top 30 Hit Products of 2011 in Japan 30. Asahi W Zero Cocktails – alcohol free cocktail soda pop 29. Maru Maru Mori Mori – The ending theme song to a popular drama on Fuji TV, the first time in 34 years a child’s song has sold more than 200,000 CDs 28. JINS Air Spectacle Frames 27. Attonon – a cream you can buy that hides cuts and bruises (?!) 26. Maa-Pika – Toilet disinfectant 25. Nestle Cocoa D’Or – Special edition hot chocolate for adults 24. Microwaveable...

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