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Earthquake Early-warning System Successful During Recent So. Calif. Temblor

OH, CALM DOWN… We note that there was a presser March 13 announcing that the beta-test of an earthquake early-warning system had been a success during the 4.7 temblor (I love that word) that shook the desert in California’s Riverside County, ironically, on Monday, the second anniversary of Japan’s humongous 9.0 on 3.11.2011. Experts told a reporter from the L.A. Times that the system would give scientists “up to 30 seconds” warning of an impending quake. “Scientists”? What about us? [LAT ~ Earthquake early-warning system successful during quake] Monday, the local news in L.A. was airing comments of those who experienced the strongest shaking:  “I just grabbed my baby and ran out of the house!,” one woman said. A teacher...

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