Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

A Q and A with Masi Oka. It’s not rocket science, but Hawaii 5-0 is set to debut in Asia. The interview happens in the Philippine Daily Inquirer! The differences between he and his character Max Bergman? “Max Bergman is definitely a geek. He’s very passionate; he tries to learn everything himself. He’s a great piano player; I play piano as well, but not as good as what he does. I like “Star Wars,” he likes “Star Wars”… Yeah, we’re both into sci-fi. Things that aren’t similar? I’m not that much into dead bodies. There was oneepisode where Max takes the skin off someone’s hand and puts it on his own hand like a glove, and that’s disgusting. I nearly fainted, but Max loves that stuff.” Max Bergman? Nice name. (Philippine Daily Inquirer - Masi Oka)  
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