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Masi Oka Making Games

Masi Oka is making games. The ex coder from ILM and now star of Hawaii 5-0 will be making some games. Ironically, the article doesn’t really talk about his own games at all, but he does talk about his experience in games. Maybe that’s just the best way to go. (Gamelivetv – Masi Oka)

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Masi Oka Q and A from Asia

A Q and A with Masi Oka. It’s not rocket science, but Hawaii 5-0 is set to debut in Asia. The interview happens in the Philippine Daily Inquirer! The differences between he and his character Max Bergman? “Max Bergman is definitely a geek. He’s very passionate; he tries to learn everything himself. He’s a great piano player; I play piano as well, but not as good as what he does. I like “Star Wars,” he likes “Star Wars”… Yeah, we’re both into sci-fi. Things that aren’t similar? I’m not that much into dead bodies. There was oneepisode where Max takes the skin off someone’s hand and puts it on his own hand like a glove, and that’s disgusting. I nearly fainted,...

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