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Jon Moritsugu and Amy Davis are Apathy Productions with TV on the Radio video and more

Interviewing Jon Moritsugu is an adventure. Since Giant Robot 1 until now, this man and wife Amy Davis continue to be interesting. As strange and odd that their films are, so are their interviews. It’s energy many times over and the text nearly conveys the sounds of their voices. Jon will sea, “yeah man!” fast. Amy Davis will say “woohoo, and some retort that’s either from 2020 or 1985. Yes they could be from the future. Making films since the early 90s, Jon has fought the indie fight and years later, there’s still no ballads. A romantic comedy? Sure, almost all of his films have that, but pigs, blood, engines, and experimental energy? Yes, that goes with it too. A...

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Giant Robot Artist Friends Series – Ako Castuera

[youtube]HX74R4Cqiz0[/youtube] Here’s a short film about Ako Castuera. It’s part of a new video series I intend to pursue called, the Artist Friends Series. I shot, recorded, and edited this film, and got a great music contribution from Goh Nakamura and Tim Bulkley. I’ve known Ako for many years, and actually met her at her Art’s Crab Shack days in Oakland, CA in the mid-later 90s while she was enrolled at CCAC. She’s married to artist, Rob Sato and pursues work that involves nature, humans, and dinosaurs. Often using watercolors, she’s also a knitter and makes beautiful tapestry pieces, and that hat that’s resting on the back of the chair. She’s 1/3 of the Realms exhibition taking place this saturday...

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